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 treatments of the highest level for the most natural result

Eyelid Surgery

an eyelid correction of the upper eyelids under local anesthetic by our experienced doctor

Vitamin Infusions

support the natural repair processes of the body and skin

Skin Treatments

the best care for your skin


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During a consultation you can discuss your wishes with our doctor and get a clear price indication. Below are some common indications to give you an idea.

Muscle Relaxer (Botulinum Toxin)

1/2  Zone €95
1      Zone €135
2      Zones €225
3      Zones €315
Touch up costs €10 / unit
Eyebrow lift €95
Chin dimples €95
Frown lines (Angry look) €135
Frown lines with lift €155
Crows Feet (bilateral) €135
Forehead wrinkles €135
Gummy Smile €95
Nefertiti Lift €155
Migraine or Tension headache €200
Grinding teeth or Jaw clamping
(From) €200
Excessive sweating – under armpits (From) €200
Excessive sweating – Hands (From) €200
Excessive sweating – Soles of the feet
(From) €200
Excessive sweating – Crown of the head
(From) €200


The wishes of the client are assessed per individual. After discuss your wishes with the doctor, he will determine how much product should be used for the desired result. This depends, among other things, on the wrinkle, volume loss and skin structure.


0,5 ml €295
1,0 ml €425
2,0 ml €750
4,0 ml €1350

Liquid Facelift

Mini Liquid Facelift €1250
Liquid Facelift (information) €2000
Mini Liquid Facelift met Radiesse €1025
Liquid Facelift with Radiesse €2050

Fillers with Hyaluronic acid

Upper part of the Face

Reducing the tear duct / eye bags
Fill in temples €425
Earlobe correction (with fillers) €425

Middelste gedeelte van het Gezicht

Restore volume of cheeks €425
Restore / Enlarge cheekbones €425
Rhinoplasty with filler (change the shape of the nose) €450


Enhancing smile €425
Upper lip lines €295
Enhancing Lip lines (Smokers lines )
Lip contouring €425
Lip contouring (mild) €295
Lip enhancement €425

Around the mouth

Nose lip fold / nose mouth fold
Hanging corners of mouth €425
Hanging corners of the mouth with puppet fold
Smile Lines €295
Puppet Lines €425

Jawline and Chin

Tighten/strengthen jaw line €750
Adjust the shape of the chin



Check (here) for more information about Radiesse
Radiesse® per 0,8 ml €375
Radiesse® per 1,5 ml €600
Radiesse® per 3,0 ml €1050


Skin rejuvenation can be stimulated by means of Skinboosters or other biostimulators. Read more about how these skin boosters work here.


Profhilo® Skinbooster (2ml) €325
Profhilo® Skinbooster – 2 treatments (4 ml) €600
Profhilo® Skinbooster – 3 treatments (6 ml) €825
Profhilo® Skinbooster – Treatments for the hands (4 ml) €1050
Profhilo® Skinbooster – Treatments for the neck (4 ml) €600
Profhilo® Serum Haenkenium €62,50
Radiesse® – Treatments for the hands €1050
Radiesse® – Skin rejuvenation treatment  from €1050

Vitamin Infusions and Shots

Click here for information about all our vitamin infusions and shots
VitaShot (gluthathion / Vitamin B12) €99
YourSkin Infusion €200
YourSport Infusion €200
VitaBoost Infusion €200
Lean & Mean Infusion €250
YourVIP Infusion €300

Surgical Treatments

Upper eyelid surgery (info) €950
Earlobe correction single side €550
Earlobe correction both sides €750

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Opening hours

Monday 9:30 – 16:00
Friday 9:00 – 13:00

YourFACE Amsterdam

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1071 VB Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
[email protected]
+31 (0)348 701 026

Opening hours

Wednesday 9:00 – 18:00
Thursday 9:00 – 20:00
Friday 14:30 – 19:00
Saturday 11:00 – 16:00

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