Vitamins Infusion

In our daily diet, there are usually enough vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to enable the body to resist the daily stress and attacks on the body. Sometimes there are unforeseen things that make you take more of your body than usual.

Think of the sick in your environment, your recovery from a flu or the healing after surgery, chronic conditions such as rheumatism or a prolonged psychological period (jet lag is also below).

The body then uses its natural resistance and needs the vitamins and minerals. If there is a period where you demand a lot above average from your body you may sometimes notice that you are deficient.

By offering high dosages of vitamins (such as vitamin C) and minerals it can make your body catch up To regain the resistance. After all, your body is perfectly able to solve everything yourself, but a little help with a vitamin infusion can speed up the matter.

The origins

The composition of our vitamin infusions or ‘ vitamindrip ‘ are based on research by Professor Meyer. This has developed the so-called ‘ Meyers ‘ cocktail in 1980 for patients who underwent chemotherapy or radiotherapy, for example, where the absorption of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals was insufficient.

Why using an infusion?

When vitamins are consumed through the diet, there is a huge loss. So from what you eat there is a lot lost. By introducing the vitamins through an infusion, you reduce the loss by offering it directly into the bloodstream.

The composition

The vitamindrips are formulated in response to an intake with our physician. Following this intake and the wishes of the client, an advice will be given on the type of infusion that best suits you.

Types of infusions

There are several compositions of the infusions that focus on resistance, sport, stress and beauty. Our doctor has a lot of experience in personalizing an infusion on the individual. Watch the various infusions below.


The Vitaboost Infusion is an infusion with extra high dosages of
vitamin C
, antioxidants and minerals that is meant to support the immune system. Examples include recovery after jet lag, flu or surgery.


The infusion is formulated with high doses of Glutathione and
vitamin C
to promote the quality and recovery of the skin. This can help, for example, a different skin treatment. In addition, the formation of scar tissue can be supported after surgery.


The infusion that is fully measured to your individual wishes and needs. As a result of what you indicate during your intake interview with our doctor, the infusion will be compiled. Consider, for example, Vitamin B12 What can help people with concentration and memory during stressful periods.


This infusion is meant for the recovery and rehydration of the body before and after exercise. Restoring your electrolytes, antioxidants, minerals and your energy is central here.


An infusion that supports the body with the loss of weight. By adding among other things Alpha Lipoic acid Help your body with the sugar balance and reduce the breakdown products of fat cells.


A single shot with
vitamin B12
and/Or Glutathione. A shot of vitamin B12 for the natural recovery of energy, sleep rhythm and state of mind. With a shot glutathione you get a powerful antioxidant for the defenses and the quality of the skin.